X-Ray Interpretation

X-ray ServiceConcrete floor slabs and walls can hide potential unknown hazards. By drilling into these concrete surfaces without first identifying these hazards, a construction site can become a danger zone. In order to maintain the integrity of the structure, and keep the work environment safe, it’s crucial to identify these objects first before cutting and drilling to avoid safety hazards and costly damage.

Conview Company Inc. offers X-ray interpretation to conduct non-intrusive and non-destructive investigations of what lies beneath concrete floors or walls. X-ray interpretations are conducted and interpreted by a certified radiographer who will set up the construction site for x-rays to be conducted.

Our X-ray interpretation services will help determine the location of any of the following:

  • Rebar
  • Mesh
  • Post-tension cable
  • Conduits (both metal conduit and PVC conduit)
  • Heating cables
  • Fractures

Conview Company Inc. will quickly and accurately scan your concrete structures so you can safely proceed with your drilling and cutting, while avoiding any costly surprises.

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