Utility Locating

Utility Locte ServiceConstruction of buildings and other structures requires a detailed mapping of subsurface utilities and support infrastructure. Identifying the depth and location of utilities is crucial before digging, and can save a great deal of money by eliminating costly mistakes and surprises.

We provide our clients with utility locating services before any digging is performed for any number of construction projects. In Ontario, performing a utility locate is mandatory, failure to accurately identify where utilities are located underground prior to digging can result in a severe fine or even a criminal charge, particularly if a significant utility outage or major accident occurs as a result of this oversight. Locating hydro, water, storm, gas and communication services is crucial before commencing any digging procedures.

Conview Company Inc., we perform utility locating with Ground Penetrating Radar technology. Our highly skilled and trained technicians are able to quickly scan a surface and promptly detect the type and location of underlying utilities in order to prevent damage to such utilities and protect those working in the vicinity. The technological advances of GPR allows us to locate utilities with a great degree of accuracy and efficiency, which ends up saving our customers time and money.

At Conview Company Inc., we help you protect your property and create a safe work environment with our utility locating services.

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