Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning

concrete-scanning-serviceScanning what lies in and beneath concrete surfaces before cutting or digging for various construction projects is crucial for safety and cost-efficiency. Ground Penetrating Radar is a cutting edge technological solution for concrete scanning that offers a quick, easy and safe method for locating re-bars, electrical conduits, voids, post-tension cables and other obstructions before any cutting, digging or drilling takes place.

What is GPR Scanning?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a technological method that uses high frequency radio waves that penetrate concrete and other surfaces to identify buried objects. These radio waves detect objects and obstructions such as re-bars, conduits, voids and post-tension cables, as well as provide exact thickness of the concrete.

This information is then relayed onto a computer screen to provide technicians with exact dimensions, locations and depth of the underlying objects. Such information is essential in order to determine where the concrete can be cut, and the areas that should be avoided. This technology not only provides valuable data to make the cutting process effective and efficient, but also creates a safe work environment for workers on the job-site.

What Are the Benefits of GPR Scanning?

  • Fast and effective means of locating sub-surface objects
  • Accurate measurements of underlying object’s dimensions, locations and depth
  • Non-destructive means of concrete inspection
  • Quick, non-invasive technology, providing on-the-spot 3D mapping information in real time
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be safely used near sensitive equipment, such as those found in hospitals, nuclear plants, hydro-electric facilities, and so forth
  • Can be used to scan over other materials covering concrete without the need to remove valuable finishes

Why Choose GPR Scanning Over X-Ray?

  • No harmful radiation is emitted
  • Less time is required to scan for underlying objects
  • Scanning can be done without evacuation since there is no radiation exposure
  • Scans can be conducted during typical work hours while regular activities are taking place
  • On-the-spot information is given in real time, allowing for modifications of work if necessary
  • Re-scans can be done immediately

At Conview Company Inc., GPR scanning is constantly improving and becoming increasingly efficient and innovative. With such technological advances, our customers can benefit from a real time, on-the-spot, cost-effective and efficient means of scanning concrete.

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