Green Initiative

greenAt Conview Company Inc., we pride ourselves in employing a ‘green’ initiative in our work. In addition to providing our clients with quality, reliable services in concrete scanning and cutting, we are also doing our part to preserving the integrity of the environment.

We have spear-headed the development of a completely paperless GPR reporting system which provides our clients with real-time, on-the-spot 3D mapping. This 100% digital recording and achievement of these paperless reports means that our clients can still benefit from completely accurate information and readings of concrete surfaces and what lies beneath them without the use of unnecessary paper products. Any materials used on the job-site is immediately removed from the area and 100% recycled.

We at Conview Company Inc. are always actively searching for new and effective ways to continuously reduce the carbon foot print on the earth. This includes our use of ‘green’ website hosting, which uses renewable energy and environmentally friendly resources to help power our website.

As a leader in the concrete scanning industry, we at Concrete View have taken it upon ourselves to be responsible to our environment, as well as our clients.

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