Concrete Patching/Finishing

concrete finishing serviceAfter your concrete has been cut, sawed or split and broken, repair jobs are usually required. In addition, many faults in concrete surfaces, like potholes, cracks and other flaws can be present, which can compromise the integrity of a concrete surface.

Such holes in the concrete can be easily repaired with Conview Company Inc. complete line of concrete patching services. This includes crack repair, surface repairs, joint filling and restoration, under slab stabilization, concrete finishing, and more.

Concrete View provides quick curing products to patch up damaged concrete surfaces, including concrete doweling for the installation of new dowel pins into concrete slabs to restore the continuity of the concrete surface.

Concrete Finishing

Once the concrete is patched and repaired, we can easily finish or resurface it. We’ll restore cracked and damaged concrete by resurfacing it, and adding a decorative finish. Finishing concrete can provide you with the desired surface texture, pattern and colour to meet your requirements. Depending on the intended use of the concrete surface, different finishes can be applied. This can easily be done on concrete walls, floors and patios.

Concrete patching and finishing is done by our qualified team of technicians. Conview Company Inc. can help save you time and money as an alternative to completely removing and replacing old, damaged concrete.

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